Climb into Bed and Turn to Dust (2008, 14x17”, 19x24”)
Take a While to Share My Grief (2008, 10x24”, 17x29”)
It Just Started to Snow (2008, 12x18”, 18x25”)
Outside Echoes Haunt (2008, 10x23”, 17x30”)
Carry on and on and on (2008, 12x24”, 19x30")
Shaking in Our Inadequate Clothes (2009, 12x18, 18x24)
Nothing at All (2008, 12x16”, 18x23”)
Sliding Behind the Hidden Door (2009, 11x20”, 19x26”)
Knowing Like This Is Rough (2009, 11x20”, 18x26”)
So Tired of All This Traveling (2008, 11x23”, 18x29”)
So in Love with the Wrong World (2009, 16x11”, 23x17”)
The Color Darkens Against Your Skin (2009, 11x18”, 18x24”)
Where’s the Sense in Staying (2009, 11x23”, 18x30”)

Work on the Recollected suite ensued in summer 2008 through fall 2009. The first few pieces were produced at the Society of Northern Alberta Printmakers in Edmonton, Canada, during a return to the city of my graduate work as a visiting artist. The imagery is extracted from photographic annals produced while and shortly after completing my MFA. Many of the places illustrated no longer exist except in memory and as a veneer of celluloid on my film negatives. I investigated several visual organizations in reworking the archived interior views. Through partial inversions or mirrored fragments paired with the main image, I found an appropriate synthesis of the immemorial and the recollected. The purposeful tactility of the heavily etched intaglios mimics the transcendence with which our memories of sheltering places are physically inscribed within us.