Early Graduate Work

Thompson’s Division of Space (1996, 24x36”, 31x42”)
Tregarva Attic Space (1996, 22x29”, 29x35”)
Edenwald North Wall (1996, 22x34”, 29x40”)
Untitled Edenwald Site #2 (1996, 38x19”, 45x25”)
Untitled Edenwald Site (1996, 40x18”, 47x24”)
Underneath Cottonwood #1 (1996, 24x36”, 31x42”)
Underneath Cottonwood #2 (1996, 24x36”, 31x42”)

The first year of graduate studies was devoted to technical experimentation in an effort to achieve the tactility essential to communicating an emphasis on arrested decay. These pieces chronicle my early years of photographic documentation and evolutionary progress through photo-mechanical etching processes.