Publications (Ageless Meaning (1997, 16x36", 23x42"))

Ageless Meaning (1997, 16×36″, 23×42″)

Authored Publications

2014 Templeton, Tracy, Susan Goldman, and Emily O. Goldman. “Midwest Matrix.” Journal of the Print World 37, no. 4 (October 2014): 16.
2014 Templeton, Tracy. “IU Midwest Matrix: Continuum.” Mid America Print Council Journal 22, nos. 3–4 (Fall/Winter 2014): 18.



Catalogs, Articles, Reviews, & Interviews

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2015 Jieran, Xiao and Guy Langevin. Resonance: Work Collection Canadian Printmaking Exhibition, Beijing, China: Hunan Fine Arts Publishing, 2015: 186, 187–91 (exhibition catalog).


Select 2015 online articles for Resonance (reduced from more than 70 media announcements)

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