Tracy Templeton Methodology

Tracy Templeton preparing the press (by BENT Studio)

Photo intaglio bridged with traditional and digital drawing methods comprises the foundation of my work. The balance between these approaches alters according to my immediate conceptual needs and desired visual outcomes, and I remain open to the inclusion of other materials. More recently, new research and collaborations have been transforming my typical methodology.

I approach my work without any preconceived outcome. The photographs I begin with act mainly as immediate visual records that are manipulated throughout the photo-etching process. During the production, I have the opportunity to alter and reduce the photo imagery, simplifying it and simultaneously broadening its meaning by drawing attention to the essence of the subject. I adjust the digital image through Photoshop before drawing and scratching into the positive. Once transferred to the plate and etched, I work the image extensively by hand, which enables me to explore the copper’s physicality through material resistance and tactile awareness.

Tracy Templeton Methodology

Starting a new print (by BENT Studio)

Throughout my working process, I have discovered that what might be mistaken as technical artificiality does in fact become a catalyst for the organic process of seeing and feeling. Consequently, the reworked image reveals deeper complexities and the profound but intangible results of experience.

I closely consider the relationship between my works and other modes of image-making to discover what might spark exciting challenges and produce the most enigmatic investigations of my topics. This examination is aided by my working with other artists and academics, traveling to conferences, and persistently upgrading and refining technical skills along with furthering my readings, travel, and photographic journaling.